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Don’t Go Backwards, Pay It Forward

Help create and Sparkle the “comm-UNITY” Be someone’s light at the end of the tunnel! Fund a Friend to help a trainee get books, or courses paid for them to continue their journey.

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Being a Better Me for Me

This program is for people working through transformation and mindfulness while using coping mechanisms to move forward. The Curriculum to this course is based on coping skills, intentions, and supports while overcoming any addiction you are fighting, and want to get under control.

This particular course will be through Zoom, in-person workshops, webinars, and seminars near you. This workshop is to help individuals better themselves through mindfulness, clarity work, and coping mechanisms. This is to help any individual fight at taking their life back through any addiction that may come their way.

Oftentimes, we are afraid of the unknown, but this workshop will help you to take fear and turn it into your best friend. In doing this you will find what you are deserving of, what you believe in, and the ways to manifest


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