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My name is Sparkle Lindsay and I am a keynote motivational speaker, author, and International Recovery Coach Professional Facilitator in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

I have been advocating for recovery for three years, and it has changed my life forever. I was first compelled to speak to those and advocate for those in recovery when I saw what I called a great life, spiral into a deep dark abyss of depression, addiction, self-doubt, and major autoimmune pain. I soon would turn down a 125k promotion to take my life back. 

I began to realize that the only person that was going to be able to make things happen for me, was me. I have been working on myself and maintaining the gift of presence daily to endure and embrace the love for myself and the gift of helping others help themselves through positive transformation one step at a time.

Prior to the age of 35, I earned education in communications and business management, which I have currently translated to a specialization in executive coaching, mental health coaching, recovery, and life coaching. To further my credentials, I am also a state licensed recovery coach, with the certification of the Colorado Peer & Family Specialist, (CPFS), which I have continued to utilize to reach those in need

Here at Sparkle LLC we help people and encourage them to maintain sobriety, participate in recovery-orientated activities, and develop a network of sober supports.

I help those to identify and access the needed resources and recovery support along with finding a way to become a better them, in their journey to sobriety.

Through my Peer Recovery Coach Trainings, Being a Better me for me masterclass, and Do you have the Legs to your Table workshop. I have had the luxury of helping 130 people through my courses, which certified those to be great coaches in the real world, by creating what people call an experience.

I believe in meeting myself and people where they are at daily.  Follow me into a beautiful journey of hope, belief, and optimism, and allow me to help you find where you fit in your puzzle.

  • Credentials: Bachelor of Arts in Communications, International Recovery Coach Professional 
  • Specialties: Mental Health, Executive, Recovery, Transformation Specialist And Trainer

Sparkle Lindsay

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