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executive coaching

Executive Coaching

Are you tired of working around the clock? Is it time to make a change with your routine? Do you feel stuck?

I was on my last leg, only waiting to be fired from my job, or honestly hoping that I would never wake up. I begin to realize that I had to change my narrative. In doing that, I left my job and went on a quest to save my life. Once I did that, I knew that I would become a transformation coach and help other workaholics, like me, learn to stand by their external and internal boundaries and reinvent their routine. This is to help build a smooth and balanced transformation in the workplace and outside the workplace as well. If you are looking for coaching guidance on your work-life balance, and the reinvention of your routine, do not hesitate to set up a 15-minute appointment with me to discuss pricing and determine if we are a great fit for one another.

15 Minute Calendly Appointment

recovery coaching

Recovery Coaching

Sparkle LLC, has high hopes for the innovative approach to helping people help themselves one step at a time through positive transformation. Our programs will help you transform daily on your own terms, and on your own time, with a recovery coach to help you find the resources you need to take your life back.

To receive services through Sparkle, LLC., we offer services at an hourly rate of $100- $250 per hour (out of pocket, schedule for more details). The number of sessions is recommended and based on where you are with recovery and transformation. It will be helpful to make the appointment to talk about where your journey is going and where you want it to be.

I also recommend that all clients participate in the group therapy course “Being a Better Me for Me” workshop (through zoom or in-person) Book and workbook included. All sessions are billed in advance at $350 a person.

The Star Package

Recommended for a minimum of 1 plus year of sobriety and transformation. Recommended 12 hourly sessions

The Sunshine Package

Recommended for 9 to twelve months of sobriety and transformation. Recommended 24 hourly sessions.

The Sparkle Time Package

Recommended for 0 to 9 months of sobriety and transformation. Recommended 36 sessions

Please set up a fifteen-minute Calendly session with me to discuss pricing and if we are a good fit for one another.

Your complete recovery package during your sessions includes the following:

  • 1 on 1 hourly sessions through Calendly
  • The 8 dimensions of wellness: Learning to live life without the addiction;
    Housing, healthcare, purpose, and community (The legs to your table!);
    Self-care practice; Reinventing your routine; AA services; and aftercare
  • *Hourly sessions include all forms of contact with Sparkle, LLC. by zoom, telephone, in person, text and/or emergency needs.

15 Minute Calendly Appointment

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