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Specialty Training

Recovery Coaching Basics 6 CEUS

  • Define and increase fluency in the language of recovery.
  • Build capacity to understand, support and advocate for recovery.
  • Learn about specific skill sets key to supporting recovery.
  • Create a learning community to advance the recognition, acceptance, and support of recovery.

Recovery Coaching and Spirituality 12 CEUS

  • Clients will strengthen their resolve and be guided to live more purposefully.
  • The course will define spirituality and help clients to define their own spiritual path.
  • Explore personal beliefs and values as it comes to spirituality.
  • Discover how to work with others whose spiritual beliefs differ from yours.
  • Learn about the tools, resources, and language needed for a recovery coach to address spirituality inclusively.

Coachervision Recovery Coach Oversight 12 CEUS

  • Define expectations of Recovery Coach oversight.
  • Understand the complexity and intricacy of the Recovery Coach role.
  • Understand how organizational culture can support a Coachervision model.
  • Learn the importance of accountability for both the Coachervisor and Recovery Coach.
  • How to support Recovery Coaches in professional settings.

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