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  • Sparkle is absolutely amazing!!! From her daily inspirational quotes to her total mind, body, soul and emotional recovery approach. She is definitely a cornerstone in my transformation and journey through my recovery. I have been through many different types of treatment, counselors and therapists and she is by far the best and I am blessed that she is walking with me on my journey. There are not enough words in this world to express how much she means to me and my transformation through sobriety.

    Jarell Martin
  • When I first met Sparkle she walked into our recovery coach training room and I knew there was something different about her. She sat down and we talked, she was 4 months into her sobriety and her knowledge of recovery was truly astonishing. She talked as if she had years in recovery. Throughout the next year and a half I have watched Sparkle grow into the women she was meant to be! Her understanding and knowledge is truly amazing. Sparkle shows compassion and empathy to everyone she comes across. I never met anyone with a drive like Sparkle. Nothing is going to get in the way of her passion. She is driven and goal oriented. My favorite part about Sparkle is her heart and the ability to meet anybody right where they are at in their lives and support them through whatever they may be facing!

    Chassity Lemuel
    Springs Recovery Connection and Peer Supporter/Recovery Coach
  • I have had the privilege of walking beside Sparkle through her journey of discovery and recovery. Sparkle joined Springs Recovery Connection first as a volunteer then as a Peer Support Specialist. As her mind cleared her gifts were just waiting to blossom. She has incredible potential to heal and bring light to everyone she touches. I knew Sparkle had “special gifts” as she seemed to intuitively know the words to speak to elevate and inspire!  Her greatest desire is to bring light to the suffering and I’m excited to be on this journey with her!

    Cathy Plush
    Founder/CDO Springs Recovery Connection
  • Sparkle and I met when she was (x) months into her recovery journey.  Upon our meeting, I identified the qualities of a pioneering recovery coach and mentor.  It was my privilege to watch her transform from a person who was unsure of herself into a well-respected and dynamic Certified Peer Recovery Coach and Trainer.    As a champion and advocate for those in recovery, I witnessed Sparkle’s instrumental role in the development of several innovative recovery support programs. Namely, the Emergency Department Recovery Support and Recoveree Housing Assistance programs, which were the first of their kind in Colorado.  Sparkle’s greatest strength lies in her exceptional ability to motivate people in recovery.  She models the behavior of a healthy person in recovery and exudes self-pride, self-care and confidence.  She shows compassion and honesty towards her mentees and equips them with the tools to live… and thrive …in recovery.

    D. G., Colorado

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