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Help create and Sparkle the “comm-UNITY” Be someone’s light at the end of the tunnel! Fund a Friend to help a trainee get books, or courses paid for them to continue their journey.

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The Works

The ultimate exhilarator certification program “The Works”

With the exhilarated coaching program you will receive the following:

  • 11 week Mentorship Program
  • 6 CCAR certified courses to become a designated recovery coach professional and pass the Recovery Coach Designation Panel with a 1on1 refresher.
  • Being A Better Me and Do you have the legs to your table masterclass.
  • Resume support, and placement of an agency or Job that fits you.
  • CPFS certification prep and account set up and Payment for exam.

This is to better help you get further along in the process of coaching, helping with practice with the panel interview, shadowing, getting you state certified with a Colorado peer and family specialist certification, and help with walking alongside you, to give you a true role-playing experience! 

Please note: All training program sales are final. Make up times available as necessary for missed classes.

Price: $7,997.00

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