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CCAR Ethical considerations and professionalism for recovery coaches

CCAR Ethical considerations and professionalism for recovery coaches prepares participants with new skills and understandings so that they may utilize their coaching skills in an array of professionally diverse settings and environments.

Participants in Professionalism training will:

  • Define professionalism as it pertains to recovery coaching.
  • Learn about and develop the various characteristics that a professional possesses.
  • Understand their personal accountabilities in their role as recovery coaches.
  • Learn the importance of the concept “stay in their lane” when it comes to working in a large system, like a hospital, court and/or treatment system.
  • Reexamine the roles of a recovery coach in order to maintain good boundaries when working in professional settings.
  • Have opportunities to practice and demonstrate newly acquired skills.

Please note: All training program sales are final. Make up times available as necessary for missed classes.

Price: $550.00

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